Rhinoplasty Cyprus

Rhinoplasty cyprus is a surgical intervention that is performed to change the size and shape of your nose. It can improve the aesthetics of the face, balance the facial proportions and correct the symmetry. The procedure can also be used to correct an injury or congenital defect of the nose.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a clinic or hospital. The operation lasts for 1.5 to 2.5 hours. In some cases the duration of the surgery can be longer. Before the surgery, the doctor will perform a physical examination and discuss your expectations and the possible methods of rhinoplasty.

During the rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the skin of your nose or through the nostrils. He or she will then reshape the nasal structure, remove or add tissue as required, and close the incisions. Depending on the type of rhinoplasty you need, your surgeon may use prosthetic implants or cartilage from the nasal septum, ear, or other parts of your body to achieve your desired results.

In some cases, the nose will be packed with cotton wool or silicone splints to support the new nose structure while it heals. After a few days, the swelling should begin to subside. However, it may take a year or more for your nose to reach its final appearance. You should avoid any activities that might damage your nose during this period. It is important to follow the postoperative advice provided by your doctor in order to speed up the recovery process and prevent complications. rhinoplasty cyprus

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