Is Fenben For Humans Safe?

Fenben for humans hasn’t been extensively studied, but it has a long history of safe use as a veterinary medicine and is sold under the brand names of Pancur and Safe-Guard. It has also been tested in a small number of clinical trials in human patients to treat parasites, and is related to the drug mebendazole, which is used to treat a variety of diseases in humans, including some cancers.

Some cancer patients self-administer fenben for treatment, often in combination with other treatments like curcumin, CBD oil, and vitamins. The story of Joe Tippens, a man with terminal lung cancer who took dog deworming medicine to cure his own disease, has sparked interest in using this medication as part of an alternative treatment protocol.

A study published in 2023 by a McMaster University researcher suggests that the drug might help with the effectiveness of chemotherapy. It found that fenbendazole enhanced the effect of two widely used cancer drugs by reducing levels of an enzyme involved in their metabolism.

The researchers tested the drug on mice that had been implanted with a tumor. They found that mice treated with fenbendazole for several days before receiving radiation had lower tumor volumes than control mice. Moreover, these mice showed less damage to normal tissues after irradiation than did control mice that had not received the drug.

The researchers recommend that people who are interested in trying fenben for cancer work with an experienced practitioner to ensure that they get the right dosage. A basic starter dose is 222 mg taken daily for three days, followed by four days off.fenben for humans

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